The Cotton Board’s 2009 annual report is available online.

The annual report features a letter from V. Larkin Martin, the Cotton Board’s 2009-2010 chairman.

Other information incorporated into the report includes audited financial information and expenditure breakdowns, along with a complete list of the Cotton Board’s members and alternates for 2009.

“Making the report available online allows us to eliminate the use of paper, ink, the printing process and postal delivery service, all of which are typically involved in the production of an annual report. The online version leads to significant savings of environmental resources and improves the Cotton Board’s bottom-line,” says Cotton Board Vice President of Communications, Brad Robb.

To view the full 2009 annual report, log on to the Cotton Board’s website or click here. To request a hard copy of the report, please call the Cotton Board at (901) 683-2500.