There are an estimated 11 million persons in the U.S. illegally? Do you favor:

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on Mar 27, 2013

The problem is that illegal immigrants usually get paid less than minimum wage. What American citizen will work for $5 an hour?

on Mar 26, 2013

I was in Atlanta GA this past Thanksgiving and meet a Hispanic male who had been living in the states for 16 years. His father is a vegetable farmer in Mexico. My new friend has yet to gain citizenship in the US. Two things I want to share: Vegetables are rottening in the fields of southern Georgia. It is my understanding that Georgia has recently passed a state law about immigration. We are sending these hard workers back to Mexico. (I am just hearing this from my new friend.) Even more startling, my friend has worked for GA Power for many years, his employer has always withheld employee taxes: Social Security, Federal and State Income Tax. My friend recently called the SS Administration and he was advised that, if he never gains citizenship, these Social Security Taxes that have been withheld from his paycheck will never be paid out to him at retirement. I do not need to tell everyone, but we are heading down the road to destruction. It is simple fraud at the highest level of government and our God is not a happy camper!!

on Mar 25, 2013

all persons breaking our laws should be dealt with, held accountable and punish to the extent of the law.
Our national security is paramount in these times of terrorist attacks.

on Mar 25, 2013

Would do last three together.

on Mar 25, 2013

If we have so many jobs available luring illegal immigrants, why are unemployment numbers so high? If the unemployed citizens were compelled to accept those jobs which are luring illegal immigrants,rather than allowing those citizens to remain on extended unemployment benefits and public assistance, there would be no jobs to lure illigal immigrants.

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