PhytoGen announces 2012 cotton variety lineup

PhytoGen brand PHY 367 WRF, PHY 375 WRF, PHY 499 WRF and PHY 565 WRF highlight the portfolio for 2012.

PhytoGen cottonseed is offering a lineup of early to full-maturing varieties in 2012 that provides cotton growers with multiple high-quality, high-yielding choices.

PhytoGen brand PHY 367 WRF, PHY 375 WRF, PHY 499 WRF and PHY 565 WRF highlight the portfolio for 2012.

Before bringing a cottonseed to market, PhytoGen puts varieties through a rigorous evaluation across a wide range of environments. This testing helps ensure each variety that comes to market fits the needs of cotton growers.

“We work with producers that need early, mid- and full-season varieties with characteristics that offer the greatest potential for success,” says Duane Canfield, general manager and portfolio marketing leader for PhytoGen. “In 2012, we’ll be offering a portfolio of consistently high yielding varieties that covers the various needs of our customers.”

PhytoGen brand PHY 375 WRF was the most popular cotton variety in 2011, accounting for 10.67 percent of all Upland cotton acres. It is an indeterminate, early maturing variety with the capacity to perform in stressful environments.

“PHY 375 WRF is a consistent, high-yielding variety with an excellent fiber package,” says Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen cotton development specialist in the Mid-Atlantic. “It fits well on many different soil types and adapts to a variety of environmental conditions.”

PhytoGen brand PHY 367 WRF is an early maturing, root-knot-nematode-tolerant variety that performs well in most geographies. It exhibits excellent fiber quality and high yield potential.

“PHY 367 WRF offers cotton growers a variety that is tolerant to root-knot nematodes,” says Scott Fuchs, PhytoGen cotton development specialist in the southwestern High Plains. “It displays outstanding seedling vigor in both irrigated and dryland environments.”

PhytoGen brand PHY 565 WRF was the first mid- to full-season variety from PhytoGen and was available in good supply for the first time in 2011. It was selected for its broad geographical fit, high yield potential and excellent fiber package.

“PHY 565 WRF is a true mid- to full-season variety with very good to excellent fiber quality,” says Steve Brown, PhytoGen cotton development specialist in the Southeast. “It’s a low-maintenance, classical variety that will perform across environments.”

PhytoGen brand PHY 499 WRF will be available in limited supply in 2012. It is an early to midmaturing variety that has performed well in Official Variety Trials across the Cotton Belt.

PhytoGen, an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences, offers cottonseed varieties with the most advanced in-plant protection options, such as two-gene WideStrike Insect Protection, Roundup Ready and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex.

For a complete listing of the Upland, Pima and Acala cottonseed offerings from PhytoGen for 2012, or for more information on which varieties perform best in your area, go to


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