This year’s honorees include:

Southwest Region — Joe D. White, Tillman County, Oklahoma.

Lower Southeast Region — I.C. Terry Farms, Lake City, Fla.

Upper Southeast Region — Bud Bowers, Luray, S.C.

“Our Lower Southeast winners – the Terry’s – are unique in that their production is all dryland, in a bahia grass rotation system they’ve perfected over many years.

“Our Southwest winner does an excellent job of managing fixed costs, which is an important component of the award criteria. His equipment costs are very low, and he also does an excellent job of marketing his crop.

“Our Upper Southeast winner is one of the most innovative producers I’ve seen in the program. He shows amazing flexibility in his management skills, using a field-specific mentality,” says Lamb.

The Peanut Profitability Award isn’t simply a “top yield” prize, stresses Greg Frey, publisher of Farm Press Publications.

“The distinction of being named a Peanut Profitability winner is reserved only for those producers who balance production costs with excellent yields and quality, across their entire peanut production system,” says Frey.

“Our winners this year — just as in years past — controlled costs while maximizing yields and profits. It’s not easy to achieve such a balance, and that’s why we feel it’s important to recognize those who accomplish it,” he says.

But recognizing deserving growers isn’t the only aim of the Peanut Profitability Program, says Frey.

“Education is an equally important component of the program. There’s much to learn about successful peanut production, and Farm Press helps to make this information available by publishing numerous articles throughout the year focusing on maintaining high yields and efficiency. Growers also will benefit from reading about the production practices of this year’s award winners.”