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Feb 25, 2015

Control Weeds With Multiple Modes of Action

See how you can use multiple modes of action to prevent weeds, even tough weeds such as palmer amaranth....More
Feb 20, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Pollinator issues remain a concern for agriculture

Issues surrounding the health and decline of honeybees and other pollinators continue to be a major focus of agriculture, says Don Parker, IPM manager for the National Cotton Council....More
Feb 17, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Declining groundwater a concern for farmers in Mississippi Delta

Declining groundwater levels are increasingly a concern in the Mississippi Delta, and farmers need to be proactive in dealing with the situation to avoid the potential for onerous regulations....More
Feb 16, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Advice to cotton growers: Don’t skimp on crop fertility

With 63-cent cotton, and lower prices for other Mid-South crops, there may be a tendency for growers to cut back on fertility, says Darrin Dodds....More
Feb 13, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Irrigation tool could save billions of gallons of water

If all Delta crops irrigated with polypipe used a simple water management tool, Pipe Planner, it could reduce water usage from the alluvial aquifer by as much as one trillion gallons....More
Feb 12, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Sugarcane aphid a threat to Mississippi grain sorghum

In just one year, the sugarcane aphid spread from only one grain sorghum field in Mississippi to every county in the state that was growing the crop....More
Feb 9, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Farmers could switch 1.4 million acres from cotton to other crops in 2015

Cotton growers don't make decisions in a vacuum, and that's certainly true in 2015. The National Cotton Council's Gary Adams talked about prices for other crops and the potential impact on cotton at this year's NCC annual meeting....More
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