Population growth: significant ag productivity gains required near-term


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Tim Gieseke (not verified)
on Mar 1, 2012

I appreciate the effort that many gifted scientists, at Bayer and others, have taken to expand the means to grow food, fiber and fuel stocks. But I think their mantra to feed the world through expansion of production is too narrow. It is a crowd-pleaser if you are in ag production or anywhere along the processing line, but the solution is broader - I mean, if we are looking for a solution not just looking for economic gain during this tremendous task before us. Round numbers get thrown around alot, but I believe 30% of food is lost upfront in many production zones and 30% is wasted at the end of many food chains.
If we use the analogy that we must heat everyone' home, but 30% of the fuel leaks from the tank and/or 30% of the heat is lost through leaving doors and windows open, then the solution is not bigger, higher efficient furnaces - the solution is broader. If Bayer was a furnace maker and gave the above video speech, would we not ask for the whole picture. Those Bayer thinkers certainly could figure out how to keep a house warm beyond pumping more heat. In the 21st century, narrow-devised solutions are no longer solutions.

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