Rice production for 2011-12 was lowered 6 percent to 187 million hundredweight due entirely to a reduction in acreage. Harvested area for 2011-12 was lowered 185,000 acres to 2.65 million. Area in 2011-12 is the lowest since 1987-88, and the crop size would be the lowest since 1997-98.

Total use for 2011-12 was lowered 5 million hundredweight to 227 million due to lower exports of long grain rice. Ending stocks for 2011-12 are projected at 29.6 million hundredweight, down 12.5 million, or 30 percent from a month ago, and 21 million, or 42 percent below 2010-11.

Global rice production is projected at a record 456.3 million tons. Global exports in 2011-12 were lowered slightly due mostly to an expected decline in U.S. exports. Global consumption in 2011-12 was lowered 1.7 million tons. World ending stocks for 2011-12 are projected at 96.3 million tons, up 1.4 million from last month, and nearly the same as the previous year.