I do not have to think the sky is falling to know that we are seeing the best soybean weed control technology many of us will ever see being rapidly devalued right before our eyes.

I was at another meeting recently and heard a speaker say that the supply of LibertyLink soybeans should be adequate to meet the demand in 2011. My thoughts were if that is the case there is not enough demand. My reasoning is not to sell LibertyLink soybeans. The point is all of the LibertyLink soybeans right now are being planted in fields where the pigweeds have overgrown the Roundup Ready technology. In those cases one technology has been used up and we are starting on the next one.

I do not have to be gloom and doom to know there are only two places to be regarding the Roundup Ready resistance freight train. You can be out front and try to out-run it with a better mix of crop, herbicide and trait diversity, or you can attempt to pick up the pieces after the train has run over you. I am optimistic enough to believe you can still farm either way. However, it will be much easier if you keep the Roundup Ready technology as valuable on your farm as it ever was.

I do not have to be a pessimist to know we have all but lost that technology on too many farms in Arkansas. That is forcing farmers to get off on the wrong foot with LibertyLink by simply having to abuse that technology from the start. We are on the wrong end of the train.