Agricultural sustainability is serious business. It will take all of us working together to find solutions, and history will judge us on how well we meet the challenge.

In the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we have people making progress in defining sustainability and identifying indicators of sustainability in Georgia’s agricultural systems and ultimately forming a consensus on common goals.

The CAES department of crop and soil sciences is making the concept of sustainability come to life with the Future Farmstead Project in Tifton. The home will be an electronic control center for operations all over the farm, increasing efficiency and promoting better management decisions. This will give future farmers a better chance to be profitable year in and year out and will give future farm families an opportunity for a quality rural life.

Georgia farmers can be positioned to capitalize on markets for organic or locally grown foods, but regardless of the marketing, farms have to be sustainable. I’m all for that.

Although the details may vary from person to person, we ALL want sustainability. We all want agriculture to remain a viable industry in Georgia, and we all want to preserve the quality of life that rural agriculture offers.

There is much more to do, but if we can come to a consensus about what we want agriculture to look like in the future, I’m confident that CAES can make significant contributions to that goal and help mold that future into an agricultural legacy we will be proud to leave to future generations.

(Steve Brown is the assistant dean for University of Georgia Cooperative Extension with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)