Also on hand was the award-winning solar race car team from Choctaw Central High School, the Choctaw Tribal School System.

Their car, Tushka Hashi (“Sun Warrior” in Choctaw) III, won the Hunt-Winston Solar Car Challenge race from Texas Motor Speedway to Boulder, Colo., a distance of 853.5 miles, which was traveled in just over 27 hours, at an average speed of 34.73 mph (the car can hit 70 mph).

This earned the team the national championship and a chance to participate in the World Solar Car Race in Australia, as well as extensive newspaper, radio, and TV coverage along the race route.

The car, which weighs 1,316 pounds and is covered with 480 photovoltaic modules, went 3 percent farther and 9.5 percent faster than the second fastest car in the race.

The team is now raising funds for travel to Australia, and Advisor Frankie Germany says the program has created “tremendous interest” in science and technology at the school.

“Interest in the solar industry is cooking,” says ASES National Tour Manager Richard Burns. “The Down on the Farm Solar Tour is a great way for folks to see for themselves the innovative technologies available to harness the sun’s energy, to learn how solar works, how it’s installed, what it costs, and how Mississippi businesses and property owners can realize big tax credits while supporting local small businesses."