“Mass production has significantly reduced the price of systems and components, and the use of renewable sources such as wind, water, and sun increases our energy self-sufficiency and fosters economic and national security.

“With a solar system, you can provide yourself with protection against the rising prices of power, and state, local, and federal tax incentives and rebates can make purchasing a system more economical.”

Will, who is a retired corporate pilot (“I flew everything from World War II ‘Gooney Birds’ to Learjets”), and Carolyn, still employed as an American Airlines flight attendant on international routes (“I’m leaving this weekend for Montevideo, Uruguay”), moved to rural Leake County, Miss., near Carthage to be near her parents.

“The house we’re living in belonged to my aunt,” says Carolyn, “and Will, who’d had a lot of experience with solar installations on sailboats in the Caribbean going back to the 1980s, wanted to install a solar system in the house. But he couldn’t find anyone to do it.

“He started trying to get information on systems and what kind of agreements were available with power companies, and he’d come home just shaking his head. ‘So much of what they’re telling me is outright wrong,’ he’d say.

“So, we determined to start our own business, and he spent a lot of time attending classes and increasing his knowledge of current technologies and how they could be applied to businesses, residences, schools, etc. He has a real passion for this technology and the potential it has in Mississippi.”

“We’ve done a number of installations,” she says. “All are working efficiently, and as more people find out about solar, interest has grown. All our installations thus far have exceeded forecast projections for energy production.