There is much talk about the new technologies that are coming -- dicamba soybeans, 2,4-D soybeans, HPPD/Balance soybeans (which will be covered in depth at the upcoming Pigposium tour at the Northeast Research and Extension Center in Keiser, Ark., on July 23).

That’s great, says Scott, “but we’re not utilizing an already approved technology, LibertyLink, as much as we should be in some scenarios.

“We really need to ask ourselves: when these new technologies arrive are we going to treat them like we have LibertyLink? If it kills pigweed, are we going to potentially use dicamba and Roundup and nothing else? That’s a bad possibility -- we’d end up selecting for resistant grasses like we did before pigweed got so ugly. This is a discussion we need to have.”

Scott points out this isn’t just an issue in the Delta. “There’s now resistant pigweed all the way up into Michigan. Growers are facing this wherever resistant pigweed, or waterhemp, has become a problem. In fact, because of the necessity of Phytogen and LibertyLink for growing cotton, the adoption of the technology has been much more widespread here than in, say, the Midwest.”

Regardless, “as Delta growers go to replant they really should consider LibertyLink beans. It just makes sense to rotate chemistries. Yet, I keep getting calls on Roundup Ready beans.”

What about drift concerns with the new technologies?

“The biggest concern I have is with dicamba on a non-dicamba soybean. Soybeans are just as sensitive to dicamba as cotton is to 2,4-D, if not worse.

“In the past, when we’ve had a new technology come online -- say when Roundup Ready corn was introduced in the South -- there was a tremendous problem with Roundup drift on corn. That problem has really never been solved. The solution, if you want to call it that, was that all the corn grown became Roundup Ready.

“My concern with dicamba soybeans, once introduced, is the potential for injury on anything that is off-target. I have a feeling that could potentially drive everyone to begin growing dicamba soybeans out of self-preservation.

“From a resistance management standpoint that would be awful. That situation would just kill diversity.”