Would soil sampling help with estimating nitrogen losses? Nitrogen losses due to excess moisture tend to be variable, especially in soils of varying textures.

Arkansas does not have recommendations for the preside-dress soil nitrate test (PSNT), normally done in the first 35 days. Most states that do have PSNT recommendations suggest no additional N is needed when soil nitrate is greater than 20 to 25 ppm. Despite the absence of PSNT recommendations in Arkansas, information on soil nitrate in the top 12 inches of soil may be useful in assessing how much of the preplant or side-dress N remains in the field.

Tissue analysis may also help in identifying deficient corn plants. The nitrogen concentration of the uppermost developed corn leaves should be above 3 percent during the vegetative stage (V6 to Tassel).

Growers are encouraged to work with their county Extension agent in deciding how to best sample fields, interpret the information, and develop or revise their corn nitrogen management plans.