York began preaching the multiple families, multiple mode of action approach to avoid rapid development of glyphosate and multiple herbicide-resistance. Hardy says he listened and has tried to follow York’s recommendations as closely as possible.

“The key to it,” he says, “is to be able to get the different herbicides out exactly when they are needed and to do a good job of getting the herbicide in the soil and on the weed in over-the-top applications.  Having these new nozzles helps with both the time required getting the materials on and in the efficacy of helping the materials work as well as they can.”

In addition to the new nozzles, Hardy says he saves roughly 25 gallons in a 425 gallon tank because of using TeeJet’s BoomPilot automatic boom section control along with 9 Flow Back boom section valves.

BoomPilot turns each boom section valve off individually when entering previously applied areas and turns the section valves back on when re-entering the unapplied areas.

The Flow Back valve is a unique valve design that enables all the tips on each section to stop spraying within one second of turning them off. When the valve is turned off, the ball valve rotates to stop product delivery to the spray tips, while simultaneously opening a passage way that allows the trapped pressure (chemical) between the closed section valve and the tips to be dumped quickly back to the top of the tank.

Instead of wasting chemical on the ground by the pressure in the boom bleeding down to the 10 psi check valve on the nozzle bodies, the trapped chemical is saved by flowing back to the top of the tank.

The boom lines remain primed so there is no delay to begin spraying again once the boom section valves are turned back on.