The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) is now issuing a certified seed directory for sugarcane along with a separate one for other commodities.

“Based on industry demand and the usefulness of the publications, our seed laboratory has decided to separate seed sugarcane growers into one certified directory and turfgrass, rice, small grains and sweet potatoes into another,” said Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain.

The directories list the approved certified seed conditioner facilities, the acreage for certification and general seed certification information.

Strain said farmers rely on the certified seed directories because the directories enable producers to determine what varieties of seed are available and the seed quantities available for sale for the current growing season.

Currently there are 62 certified seed vendors in the state for rice, sweet potatoes, turf grass, oats, wheat and sugarcane. The yield from approximately 13,500 acres of certified seed grown annually in Louisiana allows the production of 1.2 million acres of certified seed crops.

The LDAF’s seed program compiles the directories each year.

The directories may be found at the LDAF website by entering Louisiana Seed Certification Program in the “Search Input” field in the upper left-hand column.

For more information, call the LDAF Seed Lab at (225) 925-4733.