Massive weekend rains have left thousands of Arkansas row-crop acres underwater.   

“Unfortunately, we’ve got crops swimming in St. Francis County,” says Mitch Crow, St. Francis County Extension staff chair. “I’ve heard from farmers that got anywhere from 6 inches to 11 inches of rain. Areas around Widener and Palestine received 11 inches. Supposedly, an area around Forrest City got 13 inches.”

Crow says preliminary counts show about 15,000 county acres underwater with a forecast claiming a 30 percent chance for more rain later this week. Estimates are that at least 75,000 acres could be in trouble across the five most affected counties.

“We got 6 inches of rain at my house in Jackson County,” says Bill Robertson, Arkansas Extension cotton specialist. “Driving here to Marianna today, I saw a lot of fields still underwater. There are a bunch of fields like that in southern Jackson County into Woodruff County and over to Cross County.

“Producers in Palestine and Forrest City have told me they got 11 inches of rain. One farmer said, ‘Bill, I got at least eight inches but I’m not sure how much more. All my rain gauge holds is eight inches.’”