A few weeks ago, the wind blew for about seven days. Everywhere I drove drills and planters were running like crazy.

I cannot blame anyone this year for planting while the planting was good. My crew is starting to go stir-crazy because conditions have not been right for us to do much of anything at my locations. Hopefully, by the time this article comes out we will have something done -- but between rain and wind it just has not happened yet.

Upon seeing all those planters and no sprayers running I knew things were about to get tough, both in rice and soybean.

I think I can eventually clean up larger grass in rice. Newpath plus NIS will, or has become, Newpath plus Facet or RiceStar or a propanil product, and we can hit it again.

Soybean is a different situation though. Without a PRE, weed control in Roundup Ready soybean becomes very problematic when pigweeds are involved.

The biggest problem we face in Arkansas is that our pigweed has a marginal tolerance to the PPO herbicides. I have seen data from other states, like Mississippi, showing pretty good control of pigweed with POST applied products like Blazer and Cobra. We do okay in some areas with these products but in other areas, including my research sites, they just do not perform as well as Flexstar (fomesafen). Tennessee and the Missouri Bootheel seem to be more like Arkansas.