The fifty-second annual Fisher Delta Research Center field day will be held on August 29. The center is located south of Portageville, Missouri.

The field day will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will cover a wide variety of topics. Among them: Cotton, wheat, soybean and corn variety trials; Options to control umbrella sedge in rice; Managing ice production update challenges; Maximize rice yield using DD50 program; Managing soil water deficits via Smartphone; Corn nitrogen management in wet versus dry season; Energy irrigation management by maturity group; The future of soybean breeding – conventional and Roundup Ready; Improving soybean yield using exotic and wild genetics.

To reach the research center, take I-55 to Portageville (exit 32). Continue into Portageville on Highway 162 and turn left onto Highway T (first four-way stop sign). Turn left onto Highway TT and continue for five miles.

For more information call (573) 379-5431.