Some have asked if Palmer is becoming tolerant to Gramoxone. I think the answer is not that Palmer has developed resistance to Gramoxone but that spray coverage is almost impossible in heavy populations of large Palmer amaranth. A follow-up application in most cases did a good job taking out the regrowth, but no one wanted to have to spray twice.

The lack of pre-applied herbicides this year on substantial acres is one reason we experienced less pre-applied herbicide injury. On the other hand, we had pigweed emerging with the cotton and soybean. A number of calls have been from folks who were unable to spray pre’s asking about applying their first post application on cotton and soybeans in the cotyledon stage. In my mind this is the only way to go as pigweed will be too large to control if the post applications are delayed to first-leaf cotton or V1 soybean. Once cotton or soybean are out of the crook stage they are relatively safe to spray with either a PPO herbicide for soybean or Liberty in cotton.

Hopefully these early Post applications will make up for the lack of a pre-applied herbicide being applied. It seems like every winter we spend hours making our weed management plan and then most any given spring we have to develop a new plan on the fly.

I believe a famous boxer once said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Hopefully, our plan developed on the fly will be a good counter punch.