In the new materials pipeline, Gore says, “there is a lot of excitement” about sulfoxaflor (Transform 50WG), a new insecticide from Dow AgroSciences, expected to be labeled in 2012.

“It’s a new class of chemistry that has good activity on both tarnished plant bugs, and cotton aphids that have become resistant to neonicotinoids. It will be offered in a 50 percent WG formulation.

“In our work, we’ve looked at a broad range of rates, and the 2.14 ounce rate has consistently given us better control of plant bugs than lower rates, with the benefit of added residual. For aerial applications particularly, I think the higher rate will be more effective than the 1.45 ounce rate. Transform can also be mixed at the lower rate with a pyrethroid for increased plant bug control.” 

“Where we see the greatest benefit from Transform is when it is applied at 1.45 oz per acre during the pre-flowering period to control both plant bugs and cotton aphids. As we move into the flowering period, the 2.14 oz per acre rate will be provide more consistent control of plant bugs.”

 “We are increasingly seeing that standard insecticides don’t provide the level of control they once did, and we continue to encourage producers to promote earliness in their crop and to use different chemistries in an integrated program in order to achieve the best control and minimize losses.”