An executive order has been issued waiving size restrictions and permit fees on oversized loads of Louisiana hay en route to Texas.

Mike Strain, Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner, said the state departments of Transportation and Development, Public Safety, and Revenue will allow vehicles transporting round hay bales to be loaded side-by-side across trailers up to twelve feet in width and fourteen feet in height.

“Texas has experienced an extended drought that has severely affected their hay production,” Strain said. “Some hay producers in Louisiana may be able to help cattle producers over there and lifting the restrictions and waiving the permit fee will allow them to transport more hay at the lowest possible cost.”

Carriers, owners and drivers are responsible for verifying in advance that the actual dimension and weight of the vehicles and loads are acceptable for all routes traveled.

The oversize vehicles may only travel during daylight hours, not exceed weight limits for bridges and similar structures, be equipped with proper mirrors and the loads must be securely bound.

The waivers are in effect through September 30.