Ocean Spray has done it again.

I awakened this morning to witness a commercial on national television showing three hick farmers in overalls exclaiming the virtues of blueberries that are in an Ocean Spray juice drink. One of the actors guffaws, “picked right off the bush.” Then, one actor starts a blender of blueberries without putting the lid on.

Aren’t growers getting sick and tired of viewing themselves as characters in a Beverly Hillbillies skit?

Ocean Spray isn’t alone in succumbing to numbskulls on Madison Avenue who wouldn’t know a blueberry bush from a walnut tree. Emerald Nuts portrays nut growers standing waist high in almonds uttering some nonsensical phrases (again in overalls) with nuts falling on their heads.

This all started with Bartels & James wine coolers, but enough already!

No more cranberry bogs with growers in waders acting like walk-ons in My Name Is Earl.

Many of these commercials are aired by cooperatives. Growers own the coops. So what about taking a stand? Farming is more sophisticated than most Americans could possibly fathom.

Hey ad agencies — start treating agriculture like the mature, technically advanced and important business it is. Do you think an automobile manufacturer would stand for a television spot showing workers on the line or executives in an office goofing around or acting clueless? No, they want to portray honesty, safety, quality and value. Just what farmers should be doing.

Show the public the things that count and let the products sell themselves. Nutrition, safety, quality, sustainability and taste. Growers — don’t stand for less.

Roy Kirkorian

Partner — El Rancho Farms

Arvin, Calif.