Grasp SC herbicide from Dow AgroSciences can now be used for post-flood management of barnyardgrass, various broadleaf weeds and rice flatsedge in Southern rice markets.

β€œOur research studies conducted in 2005 showed that Grasp was equal to or greater than other commercial standards when used following pre-flood programs to help manage escapes of barnyardgrass, smartweed, hemp sesbania, eclipta, indigo, ducksalad and rice flatsedge,” says Ralph Lassiter, product technology specialist for Dow AgroSciences.

β€œIt has shown consistent control of problem weeds in both water-seeded and dry-seeded rice systems. And, it's labeled for post-flood tank-mixes with several other herbicides when broader-spectrum weed control is needed.”

For post-flood use, Grasp SC should be applied at a rate of 2.5 fluid ounces per acre within the first seven to 10 days after permanent flood. It can be used in a tank-mix with Clincher SF herbicide if sprangletop is present, with Grandstand R herbicide for morningglory and redstem, and with Permit for perennial sedges.

To maximize coverage, weed foliage must be at least 70 percent exposed above the water, and a spray volume of no less than 10 gallons per acre should be used during application, along with 1 quart per acre of crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil as an adjuvant. Aircraft should be patterned under Operation Safe/PAASS program for calibration and uniformity to provide sufficient coverage and control.

For the name of a local retail dealer in your area through which you may purchase Grasp SC herbicide, contact the Dow AgroSciences LLC Customer Information Center by telephone at (800) 258-3033 or e-mail at, or contact a local Dow AgroSciences field sales representative.

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