In July, EPA requested critical use nomination for methyl bromide for 2013. The agency also said it was time to consider when to stop making such requests.

“I have serious reservations about EPA’s preference to stop requesting critical use exemptions in 2015,” said Chambliss. “I’d like your commitment … to incorporate the House and Senate agriculture committees in the deliberations (on EPA’s discontinuing exemptions for) methyl bromide.”

Jackson: “Absolutely, sir. Within the confines of the law, we’re happy to include both committees. We’d value your expertise, information and input on those issues.”

Not good enough, said Chambliss. “I’d like you to be a little stronger on that, administrator Jackson. Y’all have been doing some things off the cuff that have been delineated here this afternoon that will have a hugely negative impact on U.S. agriculture. When it comes to methyl bromide and these exemptions, you’ll work with the House and Senate ag committees before any decisions are made?”

Jackson agreed.