Rep. Preston Sullivan, Okolona cattleman and chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, also was honored with the Friend of Agriculture Award. He represents House District 22, comprised of Calhoun, Chickasaw, and Pontotoc counties, and also serves on the Appropriations and Conservation and Water Resources Committees.

“Chairman Sullivan has worked with us on agritourism, immigration reform, and funding for ag research,” Knight says. “His work on agritourism helped Farm Bureau pass the bill that gives farmers some liability protection when visitors are on their farm.”

 Sullivan says giving children firsthand exposure to farms through class trips and agritourism is an excellent way to educate them on the role of agriculture in their lives.

“They’re going to go home tell their mother what a good time they had, what they saw, and what they learned.  And the mother is going to tell the father. Things like that are just good ways to promote agriculture.”