The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation board of directors voted unanimously yesterday to formally dissent from the American Farm Bureau Federation policy over its current language concerning the upcoming farm bill.

Farm Bureau President Randy Knight said, “We feel like the American Farm Bureau Federation’s policy on the farm bill did not adequately address the needs of Mississippi producers. We have notified AFBF that we will work with our congressional delegation in a different direction on farm policy that better addresses the risks and hazards that we face in Mississippi.”

In a long discussion during the policy development session, Mississippi voting delegates offered several amendments that would have allowed AFBF to be more flexible in farm policy, taking into consideration some regional and commodity differences. Ultimately that effort failed.

“The board felt like formally dissenting from policy was necessary to better represent our members during the important farm bill negotiations,” said Knight. “We look forward to working with other states and our Mississippi congressional delegation on a farm bill that takes into consideration the needs of all commodities in Mississippi.”