What about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders GMO labeling amendment that was voted down?

“NFU does support the labeling of food products and commodities that contain genetically-engineered materials. We did support the amendment.

“Whether a federal law that mandates that for everyone is the exact way to go, we don’t have a position.

“However, we do support the labeling and think the biotech companies, food processors and retailers need to come together and figure out a way to make the information available to consumers. Maybe it could be on labels or on-line messaging or on-line sites where (consumers) can read what is in the food items.”

On the coupling of crop insurance and conservation programs…

“NFU is a supporter of the conservation compliance compromise that is linked to crop insurance.

“If it wasn’t for conservation and agriculture producers being concerned about natural resources – and therefore complying with conservation programs and regulations – (it wouldn’t be good). Without that, the drought over the last two years could have meant another Dust Bowl.

“It’s very clear that conservation has played a significant part in helping us manage our soil, air and water resources.”

What about the programs for peanuts and rice to get the Southern senators on board? Does NFU agree with that approach?

“NFU does support counter cyclical programs that protect all commodities … to protect against multi-year price collapse. The programs for rice and peanuts, we will support. However, we’d like to see the level of price protection to be spread out a little more geographically. But, overall, we agree with the concept.”

Where do you stand on the dairy program? Are you for the Dairy Security Act?

“The NFU does support the stabilization component of the Dairy Security Act. We’re very pleased to see that there’s a ‘family farmer’ or ‘family dairyman’ position in there to help with the premium on the first four million pounds for margin insurance.

“The NFU did actively oppose the Goodlatte-Scott amendment that would have stripped stabilization out of that program. We hope that program will be left intact as the farm bill moves to conference.”