Relying on sources ignorant of farm policy is dubious.  Production agriculture is a huge segment of the Arkansas economy.  It deserves a fair hearing from our statewide newspaper, not echoed biases and false information.  Ye Olde Editors have also relied on openly hostile groups such as the Environmental Working Group.   This is the most flagrant of the phony critics.  The EWG more accurately is identified as the “Enemy of Working Growers.” They are not environmentalists, they are mercenaries and their goal is to weaken or eliminate farm programs.

During your criticism of Senator Lincoln’s ability to get funding approved by seeking an administrative solution, you missed the real story.  The legislative process is currently broken due to a politically-driven partisan agenda.  Senator Lincoln faced one filibuster attempt after another by the Republican minority that blocked her legislation.  In a very noble and legitimate effort to help a region of the country that suffered a disaster she did as any honorable elected official would do, she worked harder to accomplish what should never have been defeated by a partisan-driven political ploy.

The bottom line is that disaster funds are needed in the Arkansas heartland, and you chose to take the side of Washington D.C. and New York City editors, a total phony EWG and a Republican minority in the Senate over the well being of Arkansas rural communities dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

From the farm community, I say bless you Miss Blanche and please don’t let the naysayers wear you down.  You did us proud by being a Senator doing what a Senator should!