I understand there’s about 140,000 acres of farmland that would be flooded…

“I don’t have the numbers in front of me but that’s not far off.”

Will those farmers be able to gain recompense somehow?

“I really can’t speak to that.”

It would depend on flood insurance or the like?

“I don’t have that information. Maybe FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) could help with that (question).”

What are the Corps' expectations if the levee is blown? Expectations for when the water would recede and folks could get back into their homes?

 “I can’t speculate on that either. There are so many variables. Someone may have made some projections on that but I don’t have them.”

Also, would it be a mandatory evacuation or will people be allowed to stay in their homes?

“That decision will be made by the state of Missouri. That’s their responsibility.”

Anything else you want our readers to know?

“Two things. First, if it’s necessary to operate the floodway, bear in mind that a lot of that land is already going to be underwater – backflow from the outflow at the bottom of the floodway plus anything impounded from rainwater.

“So, it won’t be like a torrent of water rushing over acres and acres of dry land. There’s already significant flooding in the floodway, right now.

“Second, the protection of life and property is our utmost concern. We will do everything we can to give everybody notice if the decision-making process results in the need to operate the floodway. We want to do everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of everyone.”