Your proposal for a national sales tax? I believe it’s pegged at 23 or 24 percent. How might that affect an agriculture-based state? How would that keep pace, as you’ve suggested, with the needs of our society?

“We need to get rid of the IRS. This is an agency that has more agents — aggressive agents, enforcement agents — than the CIA and FBI put together.

“Under this new health care law, (the IRS) will add 16,500 more agents to ensure (we all) do what we’re supposed to.

“So, we need to revamp the system…

“You’d shift from an income tax to a consumption tax — a sales tax. (By doing so), you’d abolish the IRS, abolish the payroll tax, abolish the death tax, and abolish all federal taxes.

“When you get a check, it would be all yours. You’d get a ‘pre-bate’ — a certain amount of money, monthly — that would take care of basic essentials … That would take care of people in poverty.

“It’s a different way of looking at things.

“Others have suggested the ‘fair tax’ where you’re taxed a certain percentage. I’m quite willing to look at that. And I’m quite willing to look at radically revamping what we have now.

“As I visit with the people of Arkansas, they want something fair and simple. The time has come that we need to start a national dialogue in that regard.

“The one thing I’m very much opposed to is raising taxes. If you look at my record, I’ve consistently voted against increasing taxes for the last nine years. I’m very much committed to decreasing spending — that’s the problem we have — not increasing taxes.

“Whatever we do, we need to cut taxes and decrease spending.”