The interchangeable narrow and wide paddles deliver even and gentle separation of crops in various conditions. To maximize crop flow, the Trident rotor features a multi-zone intake that feeds the rotor evenly and consumes less power.

In addition, the Trident processor has a six-segment concave design with three options for various crops — small wire (10.4 mm spacing; small grains), large wire (16.6 mm spacing; soybeans, corn) and round bar (16 mm spacing; soy and edible beans, corn).

These interchangeable concaves are designed to be easily removed and replaced by one person, allowing quick changes to optimize capacity if necessary.

The Massey Ferguson 9540 and 9560 models take added crop material in stride due in part to a new H-frame suspension system for the concaves which incorporates spring overload protection.

The springs allow the concave support frame to expand outward so crop material and obstacles in the field can more easily pass through, reducing the chance of damage to the concaves or frame. 

To meet the increased capacity of the Trident processor, both models boast a newly designed cleaning system that naturally stratifies crop using three distinct air zones for full-length cleaning without the need for distribution augers.

By adding an upper deck air stream directly below the processor, a forceful air blast pushes material other than grain (MOG) towards the rear of the machine so less material is landing directly on the cleaning shoe.

A new adjustable pre-chaffer replaces the cascade pan on previous models for more capacity and adjustability in all crops.

A 10-inch clean grain cross auger and high capacity grain elevator both contribute to a 60 percent capacity increase in clean-grain delivery to the standard 350-bushel bin.

An optional 24-foot unload auger still maintains the industry’s fastest average unload rate at four-bushels-per-second and gives a longer reach when using a larger header.

The feeder house of the MF9540 and MF9560 combines has been lengthened by more than six inches to improve operator visibility.

Additionally, header-drive power capacity has been increased by more than 50 percent compared to previous models to accommodate the power needs of today’s larger headers.

By increasing power capacity, the variable or fixed speed header drive can efficiently handle the demands of increased crop volume combined with the tougher stalks and stems of today’s crop genetics.

Massey Ferguson has also introduced the all-new Massey Ferguson 7600 Series high-horsepower row crop tractors to North American producers in search of a versatile, hardworking tractor that combines technology with exceptional comfort features.