Dow’s Surveil Co-pack herbicide fits the needs of soybean growers

  •  Dow AgroSciences adds a new product to its growing soybean herbicide portfolio.
  •  Surveil Co-pack herbicide offers outstanding residual control of marestail, Palmer amaranth and other high-anxiety weeds.
  •  Surveil Co-pack herbicide also provides excellent crop rotational flexibility.

Difficult-to-control weeds and the need for rotational flexibility continue to challenge many soybean growers.

Dow AgroSciences is committed to finding solutions that help growers meet the evolving needs of their operations with confidence.

The newest addition to Dow AgroSciences’ elite soybean herbicide portfolio is Surveil Co-pack herbicide. Surveil Co-pack is a pre-emergence, residual product offering powerful weed control for soybean growers in all geographies.

“Crop production today is becoming more complicated than ever before,” says Dan Puck, portfolio marketing leader for soybean herbicides, Dow AgroSciences. “Resistant weeds, insects and diseases are just some of the factors weighing on today’s producer. At Dow AgroSciences, we’re always looking for opportunities to make growers’ lives easier. 

“New Surveil Co-pack herbicide features a powerful, double-protection barrier that is effective on today’s high-anxiety weeds so growers can have greater peace of mind that their crop will be protected,” Puck says. “Surveil Co-pack also is an especially effective tool for soybean producers facing glyphosate-resistant or hard-to-control weeds.”

With two powerful non-glyphosate active ingredients — flumioxazin and cloransulam-methyl — Surveil Co-pack excels at controlling marestail, Palmer amaranth and a broad spectrum of other high-anxiety weeds. Surveil Co-pack herbicide also provides excellent residual protection which prevents weeds from emerging after application.

Lastly, Surveil Co-pack will provide the crop rotational flexibility desired by soybean growers across many regions.

 As the crop protection landscape continues to evolve, Dow AgroSciences remains committed to finding solutions to meet the needs of growers across the United States.

For more information on Surveil Co-pack, contact your local Dow AgroSciences representative and go to




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