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Nov 7, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Grazing can provide another benefit for planting cover crops

Cover crops are providing winter grazing for a producer running 20,000 head on fields whose owners are benefiting from the fertility and improved soil structure.....More
Nov 5, 2015
press release
Delta Farm Press

BASF corn herbicide Armezon PRO cleared for 2016

U.S. corn growers will have a new tool to help control grass and broadleaf weeds for the 2016 planting season. BASF has announced that Armezon Pro, a residual herbicide, has been granted full Environmental Protection Agency registration for 2016 for use on all corn types. The new herbicide is a combination of topramezone, the active ingredient in Armezon herbicide, and dimethenamid-P, the active ingredient in Outlook herbicide. This chemistry combination helps provide both contact and residual weed control....More
Consolidated Grain and Barge Company in Tunica, Miss.
Nov 4, 2015
Delta Farm Press

Consolidated Grain and Barge opens new grain terminal in Tunica County

Consolidated Grain and Barge's new grain terminal on the Mississippi River near Tunica, Miss., was designed with shorter lines in mind for grain deliveries....More
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