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Dec 2, 2016
Delta Farm Press

LSU AgCenter’s Harrell: Avoid blast-susceptible varieties in row rice

Planting blast-resistant or avoiding blast-susceptible rice varieties may be one of the keys to making furrow-irrigated or row rice work in the Mid-South, specialists say....More
Nov 30, 2016
Delta Farm Press

Row rice farmers, specialists, consultants learning on the go

Farmers, specialists, consultants learning intricacies of new furrow-irrigated rice production system, a system still in its infancy, researchers say....More
Nov 29, 2016
Delta Farm Press

Mississippi Extension builds training program for auxin herbicides

Mississippi State University Extension specialists putting finishing touches on new training program for proper application of new 2,4-D, dicamba herbicides....More
Nov 28, 2016
Delta Farm Press

This week's commodity and financial chart analyses

Trading range may be product of recent developments in the financial markets on soybean futures going forward, University of Arkansas analysis shows....More
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