PhytoGen is offering two new cotton varieties for 2011.

PHY 569 WRF is a mid- to full-season variety predicted to help fill the DP 555 BG/RR footprint. It’s very similar to the newly introduced PHY 565 WRF in yield and fiber quality, but is a little more aggressive and matures slightly later. Only the second full-maturity product ever offered by the company, this variety is available in very limited quantities for its introductory year.

PHY 499 WRF is another new limited offering for 2011. It’s a mid-maturing, semi-smooth variety with excellent seedling vigor and exceptionally high yield potential. It is only available in introductory quantities this first year, but the company is planning a complete launch in 2012. 

According to Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen cotton development specialist for Dow AgroSciences in the Mid-Atlantic, the company “remains focused on commercializing consistent yielding products with excellent fiber properties. Our testing process continues to include extensive internal, third party, and on-farm evaluations prior to commercial introduction.” 

Two varieties launched in limited quantities last year are now in full supply – PHY 565 WRF and PHY 367 WRF.

PHY 565 WRF fits very well into the DP 555BR/RR footprint,” says Reed Parker, PhytoGen cotton development specialist for Dow AgroSciences in the South Delta. “The stability of this variety is very unique. Along the southern regions of Georgia, through Mississippi and Louisiana, and all the way to South Texas, it’s shown a unique potential for high lint yield and tremendous fiber quality.” PhytoGen’s first mid- to full-season cottonseed is available to producers across the United States. 

PHY 367 WRF is an early maturing, nematode-tolerant variety that performed well across geographies. It enables producers to spread risks across maturities while its fiber quality has been recognized as one of the best among Uplands. The variety also performed well in West Texas under pressure from verticillium wilt. 

Producers now have nine proven PhytoGen Upland varieties to choose from, ranging from early to full maturity. For a complete listing of the 2011 Upland, Pima and Acala cottonseed offerings, or for more information on which varieties perform best in your area, go to