2450 B2RF is a new Roundup Ready Flex, Bollgard II variety from Dyna-Gro shown to have very good seedling vigor, a medium tall plant height, early-medium maturity, and has broad adaptability for most cotton growing regions. This variety provides very good yield potential when irrigated, but is intended for dryland or stressful conditions. Fiber quality characteristics are very good overall throughout most of the cotton growing areas in the United States. This smooth leaf variety particularly offers advantages in fiber uniformity and strength for its maturity group. The best yield performance was found when grown on lighter soil textures. Plant growth regulators should be considered for in-season plant growth patterns.

Dyna-Gro also markets the following Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton varieties — 2100 B2RF, 2400 RF, 2520 B2RF and 2570 B2RF. Visit http://www.dynagroseed.com for more information on varieties.