Scott makes it clear that despite weather and other factors lining up, Mattson Farms is indebted to a fine crew of hard workers — top to bottom. Cooke brings a wealth of farming and management experience, and the Flowers brothers carry farming knowledge gleaned under the watchful eye of father Harry.

“We’re just lucky to have the people on this farm that we do and they are what makes this a good operation. Our managers and workers are excellent and it plays out in a team effort. John Swilley manages the farm in Tunica and it’s in good hands. Down here, Joe Thomas is the head manager and working with him, we’ve got Peewee Gordon and Jessie Readus. Rob Lewis is our crop consultant and stays on top of insect control.

“All of these guys are so sharp and take care of things. All our managers, the guys actually in the field, are really, really good and we’re lucky to have them. I look at it a little like a football team; everyone has to be good and they are.”

Mattson is an extensive operation with approximately 9,500 acres under cultivation, and in 2013 (in addition to cotton) planted 2,300 acres of corn; 1,500 acres of wheat that all went into soybeans; 2,100 additional acres of soybeans; and 300 acres of peanuts. “The smooth operation at Mattson has been passed down,” says Lewis. “When Harry, Scott’s dad, was running the place it was built around solid, good people — and that still continues.”

It’s been a banner cotton year, but Scott says he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see such high yields again. “I don’t know if I’ll ever have a crop like this again. You can’t look at a white field and be sure of the yield. You can hope — but you never really know until the picking begins.”


For photos of Mattson's crew, see Mattson Farms hits banner cotton yields


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