Dow AgroSciences will also be unveiling its new WideStrike 3 insect protection trait in a limited quantity for 2014. WideStrike 3 features the Cry 1Ac and Cry F proteins and a vegetative insecticidal protein (Vip3A) from Bacillus thuringiensis for control of a wide range of lepidopteran pests, such as cotton bollworm and improved resistance management.

PhytoGen plans to introduce six new varieties for 2014 to help build on its 20 percent market share.

PHY 222 WRF is the earliest of the new PhytoGen varieties. It is a very broadly adaptable variety. It has a medium-tall plant height, exceptional yield potential and is a hairy leaf variety. It is a west Texas, northern High Plains variety that is early-maturing, determinate and has excellent storm tolerance. It can be stripper or picker harvested.

PHY 333 WRF is a very high-yielding variety. Its turnout is higher, micronaire lower and length, strength and uniformity very similar to PHY 499 WRF. It will start fruiting a little lower than PHY 375 WRF.

PHY 417 WRF and PHY 427 WRF are root knot-nematode resistant varieties and are similar in characteristics. PHY 417 WRF is more stormproof and possibly earlier. “They’re both very early-maturing, and have excellent yield potential in root-knot nematode environments,” said Joel Faircloth, cotton development specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “These are varieties that we don’t expect to win straight yield trials. We expect them to win when you put them in a root-knot nematode environment. The varieties showed a 90-plus percent reduction in root knot nematode populations, when samples are taken at the end of the season.”

PHY 495 W3RF is the introduction of the first 3-gene, Bt cotton to the market. Called WideStrike 3, it is very similar in growth to PHY 499 WRF, which is in its background. It offers exceptional lepidopteran protection.

PHY 599 is a full-season variety, with medium- to tall plant height. It’s a smooth leaf with superior yield potential in full-season environments, such as lower South Carolina through Georgia and Florida to the Coastal Bend of Texas.

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