“Epic RF is our best selling Flex variety for irrigated, light water and dryland,” said Cody Poague, of All-Tex Cotton Seed. “This variety has excellent drought tolerance and is adapted for Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.”

A newer variety is Nitro-44 B2RF, which Pogue says has one of the best fiber packages in the market today. Staple range is 37 to 40, micronaire, 3.5 to 4.5 and strength, 29 to 37. It is widely adapted to most cotton growing areas and does best on medium to heavy irrigation. 

“We are currently working on bringing new technologies, such as dicamba tolerance, into our varieties,” Pogue said. “Some of our breeding focus has been toward developing nematode resistance and increased fiber quality. We hope to have a limited supply of reniform/root-knot nematode tolerant cotton by 2013.”

Pogue noted that some new upland varieties in the All-Tex pipeline have had staple lengths of 42 and strength as high as 39.5 grams per tex. The first of these varieties may come to market as early as 2015.

Supply of Nitro-44 is expected to run out, judging by sales so far. “We have been focusing on research hard the last 5 years and farmers are just now seeing what we have been doing in our breeding department for the past 5 years,” Pogue said.

For more information, see www.alltexseed.com.