As for the U.S./Brazil WTO dispute, has Adams heard any news on the direction the Brazilians are leaning in terms of trade retaliation? The Brazilian government has said a decision will be made in late February.

The Brazilians “have been in the process over the last couple of months (deciding) whether they want to initiate trade retaliation.

“We understand they’re still evaluating provision of the new farm bill and also considering their interpretation of provisions. There are meetings scheduled by the Brazilian government for later (in February) so my guess is they haven’t made any formal, or informal, decisions yet. We’ll just have to wait for that.”

Are the USDA payments that Brazil was getting scheduled to begin again?

“We haven’t seen any indication that will happen,” said Adams. “Those were stopped in October with (Agriculture) Secretary Vilsack citing a lack of authority to continue into the new fiscal year.

“To this point, that has not changed. Brazil will likely raise that issue during the discussions between the U.S. and Brazilian governments as they try to reach a resolution of the case.”