Hembree Brandon

Editorial Director, Farm Press

Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Posts by Hembree Brandon

in Farm Press Blog May 04, 2015

China’s new leader: Opportunity to forge improved relationship?

China’s new president, Xi Jinping, represents an opportunity for both nations to pursue common interests for a long-term beneficial relationship,....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 27, 2015

Though door’s opened a crack, Cuba trade still faces obstacles

“The soybean industry is losing out on valuable opportunities to market U.S. food and agriculture products in Cuba,” says Richard Wilkins, American....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 20, 2015

Good intentions gone awry: Mississippi's ineffective vehicle inspection sticker program finally ends

Attempts to scrap the Mississippi vehicle inspection law have been ongoing since 2008. This year, it finally passed and the governor signed it....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 13, 2015

Political theater: campaign rhetoric versus the reality of performance

There are 13 (!) candidates in the special election for the Mississippi House seat vacated by the recent death of Alan Nunnelee....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 06, 2015

Former Greenpeace activist terms opposition to GMOs ‘crime against humanity’

Patrick Moore, long-time environmental activist,left Greenpeace in 1986, and since has been a voice for science-based environmental policy....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 30, 2015

Potholes a'plenty: Severe winter further degrades already crumbling roads, bridges

This winter has produced a bumper crop of potholes, washouts, and other damage that has turned highways and streets into a whack-a-mole exercise of....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 23, 2015

Want a good job? Students should think agriculture...

“There has never been a better, more exciting, time for young people to choose careers in agriculture than right now,” says George Hopper,....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 16, 2015

Dick Bell: Leader in U.S. rice and ‘effective public servant’

Richard Bell's death brought to a close a life of much accomplishment, not just for the rice industry, but in the broader arena of national and....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 09, 2015

If I misled anyone about helping invent the Internet, I apologize

Apologies being the order of the day for government officials and others in the public eye, in the interest of transparency I’d like to clear up a....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 03, 2015

Drop in tractor sales forecast in 2015, as much as 20 percent in N. America

North America tractor sales could drop as much as 20 percent this year. The major obstacle is the oversupply of the market, so that much depends on....More
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