Hembree Brandon

Editorial Director, Farm Press

Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Posts by Hembree Brandon

in Farm Press Blog Jan 20, 2015

The food police: A plan to link diet and the environment?

A draft proposal to the USDA, stirring controversy, would recommend diets lower in meat-based foods and higher in plant-based foods as not only....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 05, 2015

Tires from dandelions, long hair, and proliferating wonder drugs

Just when we think there are no worlds left to conquer in terms of crops, Mitas, a European tire manufacturers, says it will make agricultural tires....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 29, 2014

Falling oil prices bring relief, but not everyone’s smiling

It’s something many of us thought we’d never see again: gas prices at the $2 or below level. And yet it is happening: even in rural Mississippi....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 22, 2014

Amid Christmas glitz and hype, may promise of old shine anew

One can only wonder what today’s youngsters, growing up in an electronic/cyber world, will look back on with nostalgia 20, 30, 40 Christmases hence....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 15, 2014

Standing still: Declining support stifles U.S. science research edge

Concern for the nation’s “innovation deficit” has led dozens of organizations to urge Congress to increase fiscal year 2015 investments in scientific....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 08, 2014

In era of big data, what role will public institutions play?

If we have only a handful of companies, and only a small handful of people who understand big data technology, what will be the role of land grant....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 02, 2014

Good value: Crop protection materials return $19 in production value for each $1

U.S. farmers have received a $19 return in production value for every $1 spent on crop protection chemicals, according to a study by the Council for....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 24, 2014

Supermarket hyperbole too often falls flat with fruits and veggies

If supermarket veggies have no taste, and likely little nutritional value, well c’est la vie, that’s marketing in today’s world in which everyone is....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 18, 2014

Frosty morn and autumn leaves: A November retrospective…

Where did summer go? Those l-o-n-g days of warm sun, with nary a thought of chills and coats and heating bills....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 11, 2014

The gospel according to Dr. Oz: A looming pesticide arms race?

“GMOs can be ushering in a pesticide arms race,” declares Dr. Oz, noted heart surgeon turned TV personality and proponent of supplements and remedies....More
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