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Director of Content, Farm Press

Forrest Laws, director of content for the Penton Media Agriculture Group, spent 10 years with a metropolitan daily newspaper before joining Delta Farm Press in 1980. He has written extensively on farm production practices, crop marketing, farm legislation, environmental regulations and alternative energy. He now oversees the content creation for Delta, Southeast, Southwest and Western Farm Press and for BEEF, Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and National Hog Farmer. He resides in central Iowa in the middle of the largest corn patch in the world.

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in Farm Press Blog Aug 12, 2011

Instant economic experts putting country through interesting times

The vote on raising the debt ceiling may have cost more than a lowering of the country's credit rating and three down days in the stock market....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 06, 2011

Corn growers say House subcommittee's E15 hearing borders on being a sham

  National Corn Grower leaders have been around the pike a few times. So they didn’t have much trouble recognizing a hearing scheduled....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 10, 2011

Iowa Sen. Grassley offers payment limit amendment -- again

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has introduced a new bill that would place a “hard cap” of $250,000 on farm program payments. It’s not....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 08, 2011

Is this what you voted for in November?

House Republicans and Senate Democrats reach compromise on continuing resolution to fund the federal government....More
in Farm Press Blog Feb 18, 2011

Farm groups stepping up education efforts

Farm groups are urging members to contact members of the House and Senate to ask them to consider changes to the more draconian measures in H.R. 1....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 31, 2011

Chinese cotton crop looking for a home, any home

Chinese storing cotton in their homes is a sign of how valuable the white fiber has become....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 14, 2011

U.S., China meeting 'should focus on trade deficit'

President Obama to meet with Chinese counterpart for discussions....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 11, 2011

Dick Winters, a true American hero, dead at 92

Major Dick Winters, hero of Band of Brothers book, TV series, has died....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 30, 2010

Enjoying the worst of two worlds

Economic recovery in developing nations is forcing American consumers to pay higher prices with less cash on hand....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 19, 2010

Conrad declines to take Ag Committee helm

North Dakota senators says he will retain Budget Committee chairman and be a senior member of the Agriculture Committee....More
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