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Director of Content, Farm Press

Forrest Laws, director of content for the Penton Media Agriculture Group, spent 10 years with a metropolitan daily newspaper before joining Delta Farm Press in 1980. He has written extensively on farm production practices, crop marketing, farm legislation, environmental regulations and alternative energy. He now oversees the content creation for Delta, Southeast, Southwest and Western Farm Press and for BEEF, Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and National Hog Farmer. He resides in central Iowa in the middle of the largest corn patch in the world.

Posts by Forrest Laws

Honeybees: Getty Images
in Farm Press Blog May 28, 2015

Beekeepers need farmers to help feed their bees

Beekeepers need more forages for their bees than most can provide so they rely on farmers to provide healthy crops and other vegetation to feed them....More
in Farm Press Blog May 11, 2015

Deja vu all over again?

Brazil appears to be considering filing a challenge to U.S. corn and soybean programs in the World Trade Organization....More
in Farm Press Blog May 07, 2015

Dandelions rearing their ugly heads – or not

Those pesky weeds may be laying low when you pick up the hoe or start the lawnmower, according to article from the Weed Science Society of America....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 17, 2014

Ill-advised pesticide ban costing European farmers up to half their crops

European Union farmers plowing up rapeseed crops after flea beetles take out up to 50 percent of their crops....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 25, 2014

Borlaug statue unveiled at U.S. Capitol

New statue in U.S. Capitol honors Norman Borlaug, Father of the Green Revolution. Borlaug's experiences in the Depression probably had a profound....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 19, 2013

Not so fond memories of Saturday mornings in Arkansas

Those who long for the days of small, "picture-book" farms should spend a day doing actual farm labor....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 04, 2013

Timing of government shutdown could have been worse for farmers … but barely

The closing of most of USDA's offices in Washington and across the nation and the world are not having an immediate impact on farmers, but as the....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 01, 2013

‘We cause to happen that which we seek to prevent’

As the federal government began to shut down last night, the country barely noticed that the 2008 farm law also expired. That may change as....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 10, 2013

If farm bill doesn’t address hunger, what’s it for?

While the House continues to debate cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the cuts may be undermining support for the primary farm....More
in Farm Press Blog Aug 03, 2013

Fun and games on the Potomac 

Congress' August recess should provide opportunity for farmers to question members about votes on House Agriculture Committee farm bill....More
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