Elton Robinson

Editor, Delta Farm Press

Elton joined Delta Farm Press in March 1993, and was named editor of the publication in July 1997. He writes about agriculture-related issues for cotton, corn, soybean, rice and wheat producers in west Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and southeast Missouri. Elton worked as editor of a weekly community newspaper and wrote for a monthly cotton magazine prior to Delta Farm Press. Elton and his wife, Stephony, live in Atoka, Tenn., 30 miles north of Memphis. They have three grown sons, Ryan Robinson, Nick Gatlin and Will Gatlin.

Posts by Elton Robinson

in Farm Press Blog Mar 06, 2014

GMO labeling initiatives rise from fear

A food label is not the place to wage philosophical battles against modern production methods....More
in Farm Press Blog Feb 12, 2014

Gentlemen farmers find the going a little rough

Modern reincarnations of the "gentleman farmer" try their hand at organic production, and find the going a lot tougher than they imagined....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 28, 2014

Honey bees – will concern over health sting crop production?

Is honey bee health a real concern, or is it being blown out of proportion? The answer to both is yes....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 10, 2014

Another year, but not just another Beltwide

Freezing weather didn't keep attendees from the 2014 Beltwide Cotton Conference, which was scaled down, but still chocked full of information....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 10, 2014

New spinning mill in Louisiana is good news for cotton

A new spinning mill in Louisiana good for cotton....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 26, 2013

GE corn study fatally flawed, author cries foul

Retracted study showing link between GE corn and cancer used rats predisposed to cancer....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 26, 2013

Cover crops – an underused key to stewardship

Cover crops may be a way to keep the soil on your farm, and regulators off....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 19, 2013

Why does agriculture need a safety net?

Agriculture needs a farm bill to address the huge risks that farmers take each year....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 27, 2013

Washington voters reject GMO labeling initiative

Voters reject GMO labeling in Washington state....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 14, 2013

Are tainted fish slipping into the United States?

Formaldehyde in imported fish -- a good reason for USDA inspection....More
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