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Editor, Delta Farm Press

Elton joined Delta Farm Press in March 1993, and was named editor of the publication in July 1997. He writes about agriculture-related issues for cotton, corn, soybean, rice and wheat producers in west Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and southeast Missouri. Elton worked as editor of a weekly community newspaper and wrote for a monthly cotton magazine prior to Delta Farm Press. Elton and his wife, Stephony, live in Atoka, Tenn., 30 miles north of Memphis. They have three grown sons, Ryan Robinson, Nick Gatlin and Will Gatlin.

Posts by Elton Robinson

in Farm Press Blog Nov 14, 2013

Are tainted fish slipping into the United States?

Formaldehyde in imported fish -- a good reason for USDA inspection....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 08, 2013

'Big org’ slams ‘big ag’ for raising too much money

The GMO labeling movement has moved to Washington state, where yet another anti-GMO initiative is on the ballot....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 29, 2013

Shutdown increased uncertainty for market

The government shutdown added more uncertainty to the commodity markets,....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 17, 2013

Who's really behind the GMO labeling movement?

Another state considers GMO labeling....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 11, 2013

Just how smart is smart water?

Despite the popularity of everything smart, I still prefer dumb water....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 04, 2013

Inspect pangasius, let chips fall where they may

Test imported pangasius and let the fish and chips fall where they may....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 03, 2013

Environmental activists – should have sued the cows

The Waterkeeper Alliance is a dangerous organization when it comes to suing folks. This time, they got it wrong....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 30, 2013

So many knuckleheads, so few rubber mallets

A whack with a rubber mallet for the latest unscienfitic study from environmental activists....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 23, 2013

Arsenic in rice – levels too low to worry

FDA finds arsenic in rice and rice products at levels too low to worry about -- what now?....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 03, 2013

Deciphering cyber lingo can be quite a challenge

Cyberspeak. Is there anyone who can translate this stuff....More
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