Elton Robinson

Editor, Delta Farm Press

Elton joined Delta Farm Press in March 1993, and was named editor of the publication in July 1997. He writes about agriculture-related issues for cotton, corn, soybean, rice and wheat producers in west Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and southeast Missouri. Elton worked as editor of a weekly community newspaper and wrote for a monthly cotton magazine prior to Delta Farm Press. Elton and his wife, Stephony, live in Atoka, Tenn., 30 miles north of Memphis. They have three grown sons, Ryan Robinson, Nick Gatlin and Will Gatlin.

Posts by Elton Robinson

in Farm Press Blog Jan 14, 2015

Stakeholders pull together for bee health

Mid-South entomologists, beekeepers, farmers and the crop protection industry are pulling together to improve honeybee health....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 04, 2015

Science and vision are winners in GMO debate 

In a debate about the importance of genetic engineering, the winners possess a clear vision of biotechnology and an understanding of science. The....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 11, 2014

Quackery is serious business for Dr. Group 

Dr. Edward Group, chiropractor, has a cure for the "toxins" of biotechnology - his 15 or so high-priced products to cleanse your innards....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 27, 2014

Consumer Reports should stick to toaster ovens

Consumer Reports can tell us all about automobiles and toaster ovens. Biotechnology, not so much....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 22, 2014

Anti-GMO campaign fails to percolate

Anti-GMO groups thought a mass social media campaign would force Starbucks toward organic-friendly Frappuccinos. Fortunately, the attack failed to....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 01, 2014

Modern agriculture like farming in a fishbowl

New weed control technologies will demand stewardship of technology and perception....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 24, 2014

Genetic engineering – just scratching the surface

Misunderstanding usually accompanies the advent of a revolutionary technology, but resistance typically dissipates as benefits become too substantial....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 22, 2014

Yet another organic study falls short

New study says organic healthier, but other scientists beg to differ....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 09, 2014

Net farm income declining as production costs rise, prices fall

Net farm income is down, input costs are rising and prices are falling, but U.S. farmers are still the best in the world....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 04, 2014

Court strikes down county’s attempt to regulate farms

Another county attempts to impose control over farming operations, but this time, a judge rules against it....More
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