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Managing Editor, Delta Farm Press

Ed Phillips, managing editor of Delta Farm Press, is a native Mississippian and had daily/weekly newspaper and magazine experience before joining Farm Press in 1977. He has served in various editorial management positions for the company's farm, equipment, and professional turf management publications.

Posts by Ed Phillips

in Farm Press Blog Aug 17, 2011

An online glossary of genetics terminology

Genetics. Or is it genomics? Or genotyping? Genetic engineering?....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 26, 2011

How farmers can use social media

Learn how to use popular social media tools through a series of well-done hour-long Webinars (one each month) co-sponsored by the National Corn....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 05, 2011

Oil spill prevention plan - more help

Nov. 10 is the date for owners of a SPCC-regulated facility or farm to prepare or amend and implement a Oil Spill Prevention, Control and....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 30, 2011

An energy-independent U.S.

President Obama, in a speech today outlining his administration’s national energy policy, set a goal of reducing U.S. oil imports by one-third over....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 28, 2011

Sunbelt dim in Senate Ag Committee

Of the 21 members of the Senate Agriculture Committee, only three hail from Sunbelt states (California and Texas, mega-farms of the nation are not....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 26, 2011

Renewable energy at USDA

USDA is “working hard to unleash the power of America’s innovators and entrepreneurs to build a green energy economy,” blogged Sec. Tom Vilsack....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 16, 2010

Conservation-minded soybean growers

Are you a soybean grower who excels in environmentally friendly and conservation practices?....More
in Farm Press Blog Aug 17, 2010

Got wheat seed?

Even without the price run-up following Russia’s ban of grain exports imposed Aug. 15, it was likely the supply of wheat seed would not meet demand....More
in Farm Press Blog Aug 13, 2010

Doubling up on a one-way street

U.S. ag exporters will need help in knocking down barriers to their products imposed by foreign governments....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 09, 2010

Lou Christie sang it

We can protect ourselves from the dangers of lightning with a large dose of paying attention and common sense....More
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