David Bennett

Associate Editor, Delta Farm Press

David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

Posts by David Bennett

in Farm Press Blog Oct 21, 2010

Causey: Mid-South agriculture, farm bills and affordable medicine

Now, Chad Causey, Berry’s chief of staff for the last few years, is running to replace his old boss. He’s in a tough fight. I’ve known Causey – a....More
in Farm Press Blog Sep 30, 2010

Trio calls for Pigford investigation

Congressmen, alleging “massive, widespread fraud” amongst claimants and attorneys in the Pigford settlements, have called on the Department of....More
in Farm Press Blog Aug 20, 2010

Pigford update, Boyd interview preview

During an early August interview, I asked Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln about the $1.5 billion Pigford/USDA settlement and Congress’ seeming....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 16, 2010

Mountain lions in the deer woods?

Near the end of last modern-gun season, a bearded, camo-clad gent (hereafter the Mountain Man) walked into the local barbershop and sat down....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 10, 2010

Cuba: time for patriotic pragmatism

As it would bring an influx of unexpected cash into the markets, struggling U.S. farmers need the Cuban market....More
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