Chris Bennett

Associate Editor, Western Farm Press

A native of Helena, Ark., Bennett is a graduate of Missouri State University.

He has been an associate editor with Farm Press for five years.

Posts by Chris Bennett

in Farm Press Blog Feb 03, 2012

Rockefeller’s riches made riding coattails of commodities

John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in history, was once a young fellow who cut his business teeth on grain, hay and meats — agricultural....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 17, 2012

EPA hunting bullfrogs with shotgun in Sackett case

The EPA has 17,000 full time employees and approximately an $8.4 billion budget. It also has a fondness for hunting bullfrogs with a shotgun....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 05, 2012

US bleeds debt while the band plays on

President Obama has kicked off 2012 by asking for a $1.2 trillion raise in the debt ceiling. The United States closed the books on 2011 with a debt....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 27, 2011

North Korean freak show rolls on: fat men and famines

Kim Jong il leaves behind a legacy of platform shoes, puffy hair, Swedish hookers, a vast cognac collection, ostrich farms — and oh, maybe a million....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 19, 2011

The farmer and the financier: a tale of Buffett’s billions

While Warren Buffett pulls Wall Street levers and guides a multi-billion dollar company, his son Howard would rather spend his time — on a tractor....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 12, 2011

China’s gunboat diplomacy not aimed at U.S. agriculture

Trade will never be separated from politics. Wish it were so; it’s not. However, trade should never be separated from pragmatism either. Regarding....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 05, 2011

Qatar lounges way to fattest nation on earth — blame potatoes

America has been outdone in the obesity wars. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 21, 2011

Rustlers leave Lonesome Dove — for catfish and wine grapes

For most Americans, rustling brings up iconic Lonesome Dove images of ‘borrowing’ a herd from Mexico or watching Jake Spoon cross the line into horse....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 15, 2011

The talented Mr. Whitney and his worthless cotton gin

Next harvest season, the ghost of Eli Whitney will return to gin yards. He’ll stand at the fringe, but no closer — muttering regrets about an....More
in Farm Press Blog Oct 31, 2011

USDA whistles past the Pigford graveyard

As the green is doled out to a conga line of aggrieved farmers, ‘The Last Plantation’ atmosphere is apparently no more at USDA; buried in an act of....More
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