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Giant feral pig killed by Mississippi farmers


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  • When Larry Smith went hunting for a massive wild pig that was tearing up his corn field, he was shocked when the chase played out and the pig proved even bigger than he'd ever suspected.

“This hog was just too big to leg; we couldn’t do it. We were trying to hold on to his tail and then one of the dogs latched on to his testicles. That dog couldn’t grab the hog’s head, so he grabbed the next best thing,” says Smith. Mims was then able to get behind the front shoulder and stabbed in high with a 10-inch blade, slicing down and catching the heart and lungs — finally killing the hog.

With the brawl over, it was 6 a.m. and Smith and Mims were standing over a massive hog — so heavy it took a backhoe bucket to lift the carcass and carry it to Smith’s farm shop for cleaning. “I didn’t weigh it, but it was 48 inches tall standing hoof to back. On the conservative side, I’m gonna guess the pig weighed at least 700 pounds. When we cut his head off it took two men just to pick it up.”


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The left upper tusk was 3 inches long and the left bottom tusk was 7 inches long. The right upper tusk was broken completely off and the right bottom tusk was broken at 5 inches. Lodged in the ribs was a .45 bullet; Smith had aimed well the week before, but to little effect.

The hog was a domesticated-type that had gone feral. It showed a lot of age and Smith guesses the hog got out of a pen years ago and went wild. He believes it had been seen in the Glendora area several times: “Last year, between here and Drew, some fellas killed a sow that was about 550 pounds. The guy that killed her said there was a boar with her that was bigger than she was. That’s only five miles away, so the boar he saw could be this pig. And last year I had a salesman come through and saw this same hog we just killed, or at least he thinks it was the same one, in some beans north of where we killed it. I imagine it’s been roaming around for years.”

A truly immense hog. Does Smith think he’ll ever see one as large? “All my hunting buddies and myself have killed big hogs before. But those would be 350 pounds or close. This is obviously the biggest we’ve ever killed — but you know, I’m guessing there are even bigger ones out there.”

For a photo gallery of the massive Due West wild hog, see Photos: Huge feral pig killed in Mississippi corn field


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