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First Xmas trees, now the rest


Amendment would end check-off programs for major commodities.

Wow, just wow.

First, the get-the-government-outta-everything bunch came for the Christmas tree check-off. Flush with success after the Obama administration’s crawfishing, are they now gunning for other commodity check-off programs?

It sure appears that way.

In a thoroughly unsurprising move, the anti-tax/anti-government charge is being led by South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint. Somehow DeMint has found time to file an amendment that would repeal “mandatory marketing and promotion programs.”

DeMint would leave coal in the check-off stockings of: cotton, potatoes, eggs, beef, wheat, dairy, honey, pork, watermelons, pecans, mushrooms, limes, soybeans, milk, fresh-cut flowers and greens, sheep, canola, kiwifruit, popcorn and avocados.

His amendment would not allow the USDA to “issue or carry out any regulation that would authorize a fee to be imposed or collected on an agricultural commodity, or a producer of an agricultural commodity, for the purpose of promoting or marketing that agricultural commodity.” 

Much more to follow.   

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